(This is part of a series, Blogging from A to Z April 2014 Challenge.
My theme for the challenge is Quintessential San Diego from A to Z, focusing on those things that are typical, or perfect, or classic examples of San Diego life. Today is W.)

Windansea Surf Shack

The Windansea Surf Shack is a San Diego surf icon.

And surfing is a Quintessential San Diego sport. One surf website lists 113 San Diego surf spots. Several San Diego county surf breaks merit mention in the Beach Boy’s “Surfing USA,”

You’d catch ’em surfin at Del Mar. . . Swami’s. . . all over La Jolla. 

Windansea bears mentioning because it’s probably San Diego’s most consistent, most surfable break. Windansea has been a popular surfing haunt as far back as the 1940s and a gathering spot of the Windansea Surf Club since the 1960s. A long list of famous surfers call Windansea home. The shack on the beach, built by surfers during World War II, is now a San Diego Historic site.

Lots of rocks and a powerful crash zone mean you might want to leave this one for the locals when the waves get big.