When in Puerto Princesa, coming and going from your Underground River trip, Go Local! Puerto has so many terrific restaurants that are locally owned. Ka Inato is one of them. We enjoyed a great meal there on a recent trip to Palawan.

Ka Inato Rizal Avenue – Local Art, Local Materials, a colorful mix

Ka Inato on Rizal Avenue is actually the second Ka Inato in Puerto Princesa. The original restaurant, on the National Highway, is also full of art, and is a larger venue, with fountains. They share much of the same menu. Food at both restaurants are really great. Delicious, and great value.

Bringing the Outside In, Open Air Seating
Bringing the Outside In, Open Air Seating

We love the menu at Ka Inato. Great value! Perfect little meals, like their pork ribs, called “Tadyang ng Baboy”, have rice, meat and veggies. And not expensive, either.

Lots of fresh fruit shakes are available to cool you off, quench your thirst, and give you some energy for the rest of your day.

Our favorite meal – “Tadyang ng Baboy” – grilled pork ribs – delicious, simple, balanced, inexpensive

What makes Ka Inato fun is all the local art. The walls are full of colorful paintings, the ledges have painted wood carvings. That and the friendly service can’t help but cheer a tired traveler right up.


Ka Inato, Rizal Avenue, is located just a few blocks from the Puerto Princesa Airport entrance, heading toward town.