(This is part of a series, Blogging from A to Z April 2014 Challenge.
My theme for the challenge is Quintessential San Diego from A to Z, focusing on those things that are typical, or perfect, or classic examples of San Diego life. Today is X.)

Whenever I return to San Diego from abroad, I’m struck by how many people are out on the streets exercising – walking, running, cycling. And by how many people are out walking their dogs. I shouldn’t be surprised, then, to learn that San Diego ranks as one of the “Fittest Cities in the U.S. 

Walkers, Cyclists, and Dogs

And if all that exercise doesn’t work, San Diego one of the largest number of plastic surgeons per capita in the U.S., earning it the dubious honor of being #3 on the list of “Vainest Cities,” according to Forbes Magazine. 

Dog Beach, Del Mar

San Diegans love their dogs, and make sure the dogs get exercise, too, often at one of the area dog beaches or dog parks.

Dogs having a great time in the water!

And every June since 1998, San Diego has hosted the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. More than 20,000 runners participate, and more than 100,000 spectators line the route to cheer them on. Local bands play along the route. High school cheerleaders, including my niece one year, stake out spots to give the runners an encouraging boost.

San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

It doesn’t seem right to conclude a post on San Diego exercise without mentioning the annual Over the Line Tournaments hosted by the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club, or OMBAC. This year is the 61st tournament.

Over-the-line is a bat-and-ball sport, a game related to baseball and softball. A game requires only three people per team, making it easer to get an informal game going. Equipment consists of a rope (or lines marked in the sand), an “official” softball bat and a rubber softball. The tournament takes place on Fiesta Island in Mission Bay over two weekends in July, and has a history of colorful, adult-themed team names.

What do people in your part of the world do for exercise?