(This is a series, Blogging from A to Z April 2014 Challenge.
My theme for the challenge is Quintessential San Diego from A to Z, focusing on those things that are typical, or perfect, or classic examples of San Diego life.)

by Donna Amis Davis

A is for Airport

B is for Balboa Park

C is for Coronado Bay Bridge

D is for Downtown San Diego

E is for Eucalyptus Trees (and Elephants)

F is for Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch

G is for Giant Dipper

H is for Hotel Del Coronado

I is for Star of India

J is for Julian Apple Pie!

K is for Koalas

L is for La Jolla Cove

M is for Mission San Diego de Alcala

N is for Navy!

O is for Ocean Beach Pier

P is for Point Loma Lighthouse

Q is for Qualcomm – the Stadium and the Company

R is for Rubio’s Fish Tacos!

S is for Sea World

T is for Tijuana

U is for UCSD – University of California at San Diego

V is for Vacation!

W is for Windansea

X is for e(X)ercise

Y is for Yachting

Z is for Zoo