by Donna Amis Davis / @DonnaAmisDavis

Outrigger on Nagtabon Beach

After some intense weeks of work, Bill and I took off on a Saturday to a beautiful spot. This is Nagtabon Beach, on the west side of the island of Palawan, in the Philippines. It is about a one hour drive north of Puerto Princesa City.

We were the only ones enjoying this beach today.

Nagtabon Beach, Palawan, Philippines

And we made a friend. A little calico came up and introduced herself. Her eyes were arresting, and I’m so glad she sat still long enough for me to get a picture of them. The left eye was partly amber, to match the orange in her fur. and the rest was sky blue. Her right eye was green, with a fleck of that pale blue in the middle.

Beach Cat with Three-colored Eyes

It was a perfect, sunny, gorgeous day.

I did some snorkeling around the coral outcrops at the north end of the beach.

And floated and bobbed and spun in my big inner-tube.

The swell was gentle today. I was the only one in the water.

palawan-boat-nagtabonBill and I brought some food and drinks, and books to read.

And just had a wonderful, relaxing time.

Thank you for coming along. I hope you have a place you can get away to from time to time!


Beach Cat at Nagtabon