Coral Bleaching Makes Coral White
(Credit: © Richard30d / Fotolia)

Some of Palawan’s reefs are sad reflections of warming ocean temperatures. White skeletons are all that remain of previously colorful and varied coral reefs around the island. The phenomenon is known as ‘coral bleaching’, caused by too warm of ocean temperatures.

Scientists cited in the article below hold out hope for these damaged reefs. Apparently, some corals can adapt to warming temperatures, and even thrive in them. Studies are being done in Kiribati, an island in the South Pacific, very close to the equator, where ocean temperatures are the hottest. An international team of scientists, including lead researchers from Canada and Australia published an article on this topic.

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Some corals like it hot: Heat stress may help coral reefs survive climate change.

Excerpt from article says, the study:

When water temperatures get too hot, the tiny algae that provides coral with its colour and major food source is expelled. This phenomenon, called coral bleaching, can lead to the death of corals. The researchers say coral reefs may be better able to withstand the expected rise in temperature in locations where heat stress is naturally more common. This will benefit the millions of people worldwide who rely on coral reefs for sustenance and livelihoods, they say.

“Until recently, it was widely assumed that coral would bleach and die off worldwide as the oceans warm due to climate change,” says lead author Jessica Carilli, a post-doctoral fellow in Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation’s (ANSTO) Institute for Environmental Research. “This would have very serious consequences, as loss of live coral — already observed in parts of the world — directly reduces fish habitats and the shoreline protection reefs provide from storms.”

This is very good news for Palawan. DonnaOnPalawan wishes these scientists and their studies continuing success. My novel’s plot revolves around Palawan’s coral reefs and fish life, as I am very concerned about this issue.

Palawan’s coral reefs are a precious resource.  We hope the damage will be halted, and the reefs will thrive on into the future.