Title: By the Sulu Sea: A Palawan Adventure Novel
Published by: Gray Tabby Press
Release Date: November 22, 2017
Genre: ,
Pages: 260
ASIN: B0777X6K88

A girl with big dreams. Islands full of secrets. Love and danger on Palawan.

Shelby’s life since college is going nowhere fast. So she jumps into a research project on a tiny, isolated island off of Palawan in the Philippines to speed up her goal of getting into grad school.

She imagines beach chairs, toes in the sand, palm trees swaying. But her dream of paradise turns into a nightmare when she finds out family secrets, and troubles and dangers multiply. And to complicate things even more, a good-looking guy cycles into her life and tangles up her heart.

Shelby needs to be tougher than she's ever been to survive. If she quits, she will hurt her sponsors, ruin her prospects for grad school, and risk a chance at love.

Because you love nature, and a touch of romance, read this clean and sweet contemporary adventure tale and imagine your own instant tropical vacation now.

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Donna Amis DavisAuthor of BY THE SULU SEA